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tv   12 News  NBC  August 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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connecting arizona. 12 news starts now. >> day two of competition in rio, and already there have been some amazing moments. a boat fire at lake pleasant. >> what caused the high winds that interrupted olympic competition? >> arizona's own athletes making us pride. right now at 5:30. >> bringing you complete olympic coverage of the rio games. >> it was day two of competition in brazil, and it was full of excitement.
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local time. >> heart stopping crashes to game-stopping wins. >> we are live in rio and joined with a look at what's happened so far today. hey, vanessa. >> reporter: hey, mark. a lot has happened today. yes, absolutely. it is a beautiful evening here in rio. competitions as you mentioned today fully under way. it's been incredibly exciting to watch. we've seen soccer, even canoeing. you know what else we saw? we saw earlier in the day here someone unusually high and damaging wind. i want to show you video we shot at the olympic park. the winds wreaking havoc forcing the cancellation of the rowing composition. spectators ran for cover. powerful gusts sweeping across
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large banner off the aquatic center, which i'm standing in front of right now. triggering the closure of some of the souvenir shops in the park. fortunately there have been no reports of anybody getting hurt because of the high winds. i can tell you the most decorated olympian of all time, michael phelps will be diving into the pool for the first time in rio. the most decorated olympian of all time makes his debut in rio swimming the four by 100 relay. >> he's the greatest olympic athlete of all time. >> reporter: working his 9th olympic games. he knows phelps well. in 2008, he wrote a book with the 18-time gold medalist. he believes phelps will add to his golden legacy here in rio.
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everybody's face. look at how ripped he is. he was not this ripped in 2012. >> reporter: tonight the athlete is also in the pool. >> she is the best female swimmer in the world. no one is close. she looks like a shark. she's unbelievable. >> reporter: not the only 19- year-old set to become a household name. appearance in gymnastics. >> she will redefine gymnastics. it's the want to and the ability to do what they want to do without fear. byles has no fear. she's not thinking how am i going to screw this up but how good can i be? >> reporter: absolutely, guys.
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i want to show you what's happening at the olympic park in rio. tons of people coming and going from one venue to the other. the excitement and adrenaline of the olympics can really be felt. itest it's all hands on deck. again, you're looking live at the olympic park. the crowds have been cool. everybody's been having a good . smiles, lots of hellos. something i personally have really liked to have seen is the fact that -- you have been to many olympics before -- you see people coming together from all over the world in this one place to witness the best in sports. so far, everybody seems to be having a really good time, to be enjoying themselves, and to be here for all the right reasons. i'm happy to share that with
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beautiful aquatic center. that's where michael phelps is expected to be swimming tonight. >> hopefully he dominates tonight. katie lidecki had an incredible swim earlier today. we'll see you later in the broadcast. thanks. how about some of the action that happened today? 42 straight olympic wins for usa women's basketball team. they're going for their consecutive gold medal. from this performance, i think they'll win it all. okay, they only were up by 74 points at one time. kidding. this was pure domination from start to finish. 121-56 the final score. they set an olympic record for points scored and margin of victory. torazi going for her fourth olympic gold medal. brittany greiner had 14. great way for the ladies to
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momentum is where if you get off to a good start, that kind of carries into the first game and this tournament to the next game, which is tomorrow. that was crucial. i think we've done a really good job of that. >> next up spain tomorrow. on the tennis court, serena williams playing for the first time since winning wimbledon. in doubles, their quest to defend their medal is over. yes, they round match to the czech team. this is the williams' sisters first-ever olympic loss as a doubles team. also valley resident won her doubles match advancing to the second round. >> thanks. a horrible crash earlier today. dutch rider was leading the race when her tire slipped on the wet pavement. she was going about 50 miles an
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she went over her handlebars and on to the ground. she hit the concrete curb and lay motionless for quite a while. a bystander came to her aid while the rest of the field race passed her. she suffered a concussion and several minor fractures to her spine. new this evening. the international para-olympic committee has banned all russians next month. a de polluted sports in russia. russia will appeal the ban. the para-olympics start next month. >> let's check in for today's rio roundup. >> leslie jones has been giving us hilarious coverage on twitter. nbc producers inviting her to rio to help cover the games.
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michael phelps will be getting family help soon. his fiancee posting a picture of their son. looks like boomer and nicole are heading to rio to support phelps in the pool. >> awesome. >> what a cutie. it's nice to have a baby sleep like that because he's not going to be asleep at all. u be cheering for dad pool side. next on 12 news at 5:30, a murder investigation in a west valley neighborhood. we'll talk to neighbors about what happened. you have a chance to watch the olympics live in rio if you want to.
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the sheriff's office is investigating the murder of a 3- year-old. we are at the scene in youngtown with the latest. >> reporter: as of right now, in we know that the 3-year-old was killed inside this two-story home. no suspect information has been released. neighbors say sheriff's deputies first responded to the home around 1 11 last night. they said investigators told them they weren't looking for an outstanding suspect and that the 3-year-old was stabbed in a violent homicide inside the
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but it's kind of okay in a sense. i'm glad it's nobody doing stuff randomly, going neighborhood to neighborhood. so that way i feel better, but i feel sad for the mom over there. >> reporter: one neighbor believed the 3-year-old victim may have been suffered from autism, but that has not been confirmed by investigators. pleasant. mcso tells 12 news some sort of explosion inside the engine compartment caused the fire. the death of a man and a woman. sutherland accused of killing the two inside a mobile home. and a search continues for
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? still not too late. you want to go to rio and get tickets to the limpic events and see this spectacle live. a spokesman for the organizing committee said 1.1 million tickets are left unsold. you may have noticed there have been a lot of empty seats during the first few days of competition. for the first time since 2000, los angeles gamblers are now
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olympics. the sports where the u.s. is favored are getting the most action. obviously, you want to go in there and bet on michael phelps, you're going to get even odds. >> it's just kind of crazy. >> i know. who would have bet against serena and venus? they never lost until today in doubles. >> and simone byles. >> i hope pressure. she's so young, first olympic games. >> incredible out there. the winds were so strong that the second day of the 2016 olympics was called off. this after some rowers complained conditions were even too bad yesterday when one boat capsized and others were nearly swamped. even some tennis matches were canceled. what caused this wind out there? it's a very interesting pattern that set up.
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hemisphere. here in the northern hemisphere, we have high and low pressure but it rotates a different direction down in the southern hemisphere. here we have high pressure rotating clockwise. down toward the south, it rotates counter clock wise. strong high pressure just to the north of rio. low pressure down to the south. that set them up for a perfect example of the winds moving in from the south. you have a lot of rio. you saw very strong winds. look how fast they came up. 7-mile an hour wind gusts at 111 o'clock. 20 minutes later, they were gusting to 41 miles an hour. certainly a pattern we could see a couple times during the olympics. back home, clear skies here in phoenix, no storms to talk about. we are tracking isolated storms just near maricopa.
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mountains. more isolated activity back toward flagstaff. these are weak in intensity. not expecting any severe weather. tomorrow the high temperature 103. the average coming in at 105. things are going to be changing by the middle portion of the week, all in response to this. we have a tropical storm. this is actually tropical st javier. winds of 50 miles an hour will track right up the coast of baja. that could spread a lot of moisture in toward arizona tuesday night into wednesday meaning very heavy rainfall. we could be talking about flooding as well. we'll keep you updated as that moves in. warm for tomorrow. there is that rain moving in late tuesday night, all the way through your thursday. we could be talking about flooding and by next weekend we slowly start to dry things out. >> thanks a lot.
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going to happen. the hall of fame game between the packers and colts has been canceled due to poor field conditions. the paint that was applied today on the mid field and end zones hardened. during warm ups, players said it felt like playing on tar or cement. fans will get their money back. the guys, no football. stay on 12 and watch the olympics. coming is joining us live again from rio and she's got our shot of
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>> reporter: they. as you mentioned, we are coming to you live right now from rio. the site of the 2016 olympic games. the shot of the day, team usa during the women's 100-meter backstroke today. the photographer captured this image at almost the right second. i couldn't believe it myself. it doesn't the water is surrounding her. we'll have much more for you from rio later on this evening. how did our team usa athletes do? we'll have a complete wrap upcoming up later on this evening on 12 news at 11:00 p.m. make sure you tune in at 11:00 p.m. right after prime time.
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another night of olympic events starting in just a minutes. women's 100-meter butterfly and 4000-meter freestyle races. >> even if you're not a sports fan, you should definitely -- assuming you're not a shrinking violin and not easily offended -- follow leslie jones' olympic tweets. tonight on 12 news at 10:00, the comedian have been vocal about her loving relationship with twitter. she's sharing hilarious commentary about as many olympic games as humanly possible. >> and can i say, not appropriate for children. >> yes, definitely. >> speaking of twitter, before we go check out this tweet that
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olympian. fighting through the pain. these professionals making funny faces makes us normal people feel better about our own workouts. >> 12 news is always on. get the latest updates by going to or any of our social media pages. we'll see you back here
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. no one has won more. the most dominant in olympic history and it's pure gold. ?? ?? on a sunday night in brazil stars take to the rio stage, each at different stages of their olympic stories. she's arrived with the greatest of expectations, soaring into the spotlight with a rare blend of talent, poise and personality.
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ascended to the pinnacle before. four years ago she was a prodigy. tonight she swims to leave any and all challengers far behind. and after rewriting the history of a sport, he's come here with new perspective, but the same intention to dominate and recapture the elation of his greatest triumphs. some of rio's biggest stars hoping to embrace the biggest moments at the games of the xxxi olympiad. ?? ??


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